Mr. Steven M. Iuso, Principal
Rev. Sixto Quezada, Pastor
1345 Grand Concourse
Bronx, NY 10452
Phone (718) 538-5959
Fax (718) 538-6369

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Christ the King School is a Catholic School, and plays a major role in the larger work of Christ the King Parish. Our Primary goals are:
  To create an atmosphere conducive to the total development of each child. This includes spiritual, physical, emotional, and social growth such that each student develops self-discipline and respect for themselves and others.
  To build and live in a Christian Community, so that each person can experience learning and living in the light of Christian faith and values.
  To develop within our children a Christian respect for all of God's creation, especially for themselves, for their peers and for the adults with whom they interact.
  To work with parents and other adult guardians in all aspects of school life. To encourage support of the curriculum and Christian values taught in school.
  To always be a source of pride in our school community and larger community through the actions, words, and appearances of our children, teachers, staff, parents, and school property.

January 1-2 SCHOOL CLOSED Happy New Year 2016
January 6 THREE KINGS MASS 9am.  All Are Welcome!
Progress Report Go Home
January 9 Admit Card Needed!
January 10 Touring Tuesday 9:00am
January 13 12:00pm Dismissal For Grades K-8th
3:00pm Dismissal For Pre-K
No After School Program Faculty Meeting
$2. Winter Dress Down-Wear Light Blue Color Only!
January 16 SCHOOL CLOSED Martin Luther King Jr.
January 17 Tuition #7 Due ($30 Late Fee Added After The Due Date)
January 17-20 Mid-Term Exams Grades 3-8

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