Christ the King School: Part of your Past, Present, and Future.

The past if full of history. Christ the King School has been an integral part of the South Bronx community since 1965, giving local children the tools they need to succeed in higher education. Providing a strong educational foundation is a constantly evolving process. Over the years, Christ the King has strived to meet the needs of its student using various programs.

The present is an exciting time. Many new changes are working with older, established programs to give our students an invigorating educational experience.

In the past year, Christ the King has added a basketball team, a step/dance team, chess and poetry clubs, and a recorder class, enriching a student experience that already includes altar service, a yearbook club, and a student council.

The future for Christ the Kings look incredibly bright, and would look even brighter with your child as a part of our school, church, and family.